Jan. 03, 2018
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Explore the high-pressure experiences of police officers, paramedics and firefighters who are thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart-stopping situations. These emergency responders must try to balance saving those who are at their most vulnerable with solving the problems in their own lives.

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  • NicoletDecember 10, 2021Reply

    All files don’t want to open. I wasted 2G data downloading for files that don’t open.

    • TodaytvseriesDecember 10, 2021Reply

      use winrar application to extract files…you should know this by heart.

      • NicoletDecember 10, 2021Reply

        If I knew this by heart I would have never commented…..

        • TodaytvseriesDecember 10, 2021Reply

          You were talking about wasted data which was actually not correct.

  • ShazzyDecember 11, 2021Reply

    The link is not opening

    • TodaytvseriesDecember 12, 2021Reply

      have you read how to download yet? and which link isn’t opening?

  • ShazzyDecember 12, 2021Reply

    All the series their links are not showing

    • TodaytvseriesDecember 12, 2021Reply

      it means you’re blocking the script on the site, check your browser plugins.

  • ShazzyMarch 29, 2022Reply

    Sn5 episode 11 and 12 are not extracting after download

    • TodaytvseriesMarch 29, 2022Reply

      use winrar

  • JayAugust 3, 2022Reply

    Please fix season 4 ep 1 link

    • TodaytvseriesAugust 3, 2022Reply


  • AsuraAugust 13, 2022Reply

    meg link is not working

    • TodaytvseriesAugust 13, 2022Reply

      which link? what season?

      • AsuraAugust 15, 2022Reply

        season 5 480&720 meg link

        • TodaytvseriesAugust 15, 2022Reply

          ok will fix it…just be calm,

  • BSeptember 27, 2022Reply

    Hi Admin. If possible, could you please upload the series “Nikita?” Thank you.

    • TodaytvseriesSeptember 28, 2022Reply


  • AnonymousOctober 3, 2022Reply

    Hi, Admin I’m trying to download the complete season 1 but it’s saying folder link unavailable on Mega.

    • TodaytvseriesOctober 3, 2022Reply

      links fixed. thanks for reporting.

  • ORTONOctober 12, 2022Reply

    Hi admin. Am trying to download episodes 11 to 18 of season 2 but they’re not available on mega.

    • TodaytvseriesOctober 12, 2022Reply


  • DramNovember 17, 2022Reply

    Hey Addy
    Im here alot now. Can you please fix season 5’s links from episode 12 to 15 also need it in 720p

    • TodaytvseriesNovember 17, 2022Reply


  • BMarch 14, 2023Reply

    Hi Admin. If possible, could you please upload the first 3 episodes of the series School Spirits? It’s a Paramount+ series. Thank you.

  • BJuly 12, 2023Reply

    The link to season 5 for mega is not working

  • OlavoJune 8, 2024Reply

    Hi. Could you please add Episode 10 to Season 7. I think it came out at the end of May. Thanks.

    • TodaytvseriesJune 8, 2024Reply


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