Oct. 25, 2018
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In a place where young witches, vampires, and werewolves are nurtured to be their best selves in spite of their worst impulses, Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter, 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson, Alaric Saltzman’s twins, Lizzie and Josie Saltzman, among others, come of age into heroes and villains at The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted.

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(44) comments

  • ANKUR JYOTI BARMANNovember 19, 2021Reply

    season 4 episode 6 in 720 p please

    • TodaytvseriesNovember 19, 2021Reply


  • JonathanDecember 3, 2021Reply

    Please upload episode 7 of season 4.

    • TodaytvseriesDecember 3, 2021Reply


  • paulDecember 9, 2021Reply

    season 4 episode 8 plz

    • TodaytvseriesDecember 9, 2021Reply

      please be patient, I will add it

      • Vibe killerDecember 17, 2021Reply

        Season 4 episode 9 should be out admin

        • TodaytvseriesDecember 17, 2021Reply


  • AryaDecember 14, 2021Reply

    I love u admin

  • darrnDecember 21, 2021Reply

    Links still down Appears this Cap-1 Shopping stuff Pops up No links the List Links was their Full 1-2sec Poof All is Goon Try Clicking few x B4 Vanish Shopping Page CapitalONE No New shows Past 4Days Now

    • TodaytvseriesDecember 21, 2021Reply

      please b specific which links? which quality 480p/720p

  • darrenFebruary 6, 2022Reply

    CW Air Xmas Spcl =Silent Night: &Dec30 “iHeartRadio Music Festival La 1mo Delay Legacies Back Air Se4 Ep10 The Story Of My Life. 1-27-22 8pThur Not sure Link Offer New Ep Thanks Time all Help Great Site Offers

  • BubblesFebruary 25, 2022Reply

    Good day Admin. If possible, could you please upload Episode 10 of Leagacies Season 4. It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • BubblesMarch 4, 2022Reply

    Hi Admin. Is episode 11 of Legacies Season 4 out yet?

    • TodaytvseriesMarch 4, 2022Reply


  • Star flexMarch 8, 2022Reply

    Hy Admin. Episode 12 season 4 pliz

  • ShazzyMarch 11, 2022Reply

    Add episode 12 season 4 480p plz

    • TodaytvseriesMarch 12, 2022Reply

      will add

  • arrenMarch 27, 2022Reply

    Can U Folks Please offer these series Birds of Prey (2002) 1st season13ep
    BLOOD TIES -2007(Lifetime) (Se01-E01x12 &(Se02- E13x22-22 Thanks Time Help Great site Offers

  • linczMarch 31, 2022Reply

    is season 4 ep 13 not out yet?

  • MoonApril 15, 2022Reply

    When will Episode 15 be uploaded?

    • TodaytvseriesApril 15, 2022Reply


      • BubblesApril 15, 2022Reply

        Hi Admin, could you please add Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters? Thank you.

  • @tristannndiangaApril 25, 2022Reply

    Please can you upload the Toy Boy stripper movie?

  • @allyApril 30, 2022Reply

    hi admin put more variety of movies, more of your movies are horror movies.
    thank you.

    • TodaytvseriesApril 30, 2022Reply

      ok…will do that..also you should check out hdwatched.club

  • BJune 3, 2022Reply

    Hi Admin. Could you please add Episode 18 of Season 4 of Legacies please. Thank you.

    • TodaytvseriesJune 3, 2022Reply


      • AliceJune 5, 2022Reply

        Please add 720p of e18

        • TodaytvseriesJune 5, 2022Reply


  • Pro CamaroJune 5, 2022Reply

    Hi admin … When do the 720p versions generally come out? I’ve noticed a delay compared to the 480p releases, so just wondering.

    • TodaytvseriesJune 5, 2022Reply

      yah…because majority prefers 480p to 720p

  • LuciferJune 17, 2022Reply

    Admin Can you please add Legacise season 4 Episode 20….Please add it

  • AliceJune 17, 2022Reply

    And add 720p please ty

    • TodaytvseriesJune 17, 2022Reply


  • BJune 17, 2022Reply

    Hi admin, if possible could you please add the series, “The Summer I Turned Pretty”

  • JoanneJuly 6, 2022Reply

    The app isnt downloading it gets to a point it keeps saying Bad request

    • TodaytvseriesJuly 7, 2022Reply

      because you are clicking more than once on the “view links” button.

      • BNovember 1, 2022Reply

        Hi Admin, the Mega.nz link for Season 2 of Legacies is empty. It would be much appreciated if you could resolve the issue, thank you.

        • TodaytvseriesNovember 1, 2022Reply

          fixed. Join our telegram channel

  • RakiJune 10, 2023Reply

    hi,,Season 1 ep 15 and 16 down 🙁

  • AlanaJune 21, 2023Reply

    Season 1 episode 15 and 16 missing

    • TodaytvseriesJune 22, 2023Reply


  • BNovember 21, 2023Reply

    Please upload the 720p mega.nz links for all Four Seasons of Charmed (2018).

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