Squid Game

Squid Game

Sep. 17, 2021
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(36) comments

  • TinaavidfanSeptember 22, 2021Reply

    do u have 720 p?

    • TodaytvseriesSeptember 22, 2021Reply


  • idkSeptember 28, 2021Reply

    the links for episode 2 shows “bad request” :((

  • Nibret SangaSeptember 28, 2021Reply

    no english subtitiles

    • TodaytvseriesSeptember 28, 2021Reply

      go to subscene.com

  • FlashboyOctober 1, 2021Reply

    You’re a good admin

    • TodaytvseriesOctober 1, 2021Reply

      You’re welcome

  • zazaOctober 4, 2021Reply

    plz add belko experiment

    • TodaytvseriesOctober 4, 2021Reply


  • zazaOctober 5, 2021Reply

    thank you

  • SheeraOctober 6, 2021Reply

    I want english audio with video mr.admin

    • TodaytvseriesOctober 6, 2021Reply

      Dual Audio means there is English audio as well, learn how to switch between audios in your media player. If you’re are using vlc player then read this >> https://todaytvseries.one/how-to-change-the-audio-language-in-vlc-media-player/

      • SheeraOctober 6, 2021Reply

        Thank u soo much . I dont kno ur girl or boy but ur doing a grt job thx .my insta id :shane_raghav

        • TodaytvseriesOctober 6, 2021Reply

          well thanks for liking my site, please share to support us.

  • bennettOctober 9, 2021Reply


  • NimashOctober 14, 2021Reply

    Nice ❤️

  • ADMINISTRATIONOctober 14, 2021Reply

    Use kmplayer then there is subtitle track and audio track for change , vlc doesn’t have some features like kmplayer use this there 7 languages option

  • Allen IversonOctober 14, 2021Reply

    Mr admin kindly add ZippyShare server to episode 5 other 2 server is not fast

    • TodaytvseriesOctober 14, 2021Reply

      new link added try that one

      • Allen IversonOctober 15, 2021Reply

        Nope 720p dual audio does not have zippy or any new added i have watched 4 only but at stop for 5 need 720p dual audio

        • TodaytvseriesOctober 15, 2021Reply

          use the dubbed link, it’s faster

          • Allen IversonOctober 15, 2021

            How about you add those dual audio in mega link like Alice in borderland , whatever series if you add to mega , then there will be no speed case or error case and i think i prefer korean dubbed not english to watch ,I know little bit korean and it’s same case like we watch anime in Japanese audio for originality but if it’s for that one episode i think will try in English as you say.

    • MugaOctober 15, 2021Reply

      Which link has English audio? The one I downloaded has only Korean au6

      • TodaytvseriesOctober 15, 2021Reply

        the audio is two English and Korean, just choose English audio from your media player.

  • MugaOctober 15, 2021Reply

    Which link has English audio? The one I downloaded has only Korean au6

    • TodaytvseriesOctober 15, 2021Reply

      all links has english audio

  • AbdulNovember 7, 2021Reply

    Hey all dubbed links 720p and 1080p returns quota exceeded from techdrive. Any work around?

    • TodaytvseriesNovember 7, 2021Reply

      working now

    • AbdulNovember 11, 2021Reply

      Thanks you’re awesome man!!!

  • rahulsahaFebruary 15, 2022Reply

    Can u add the good witch

    • TodaytvseriesFebruary 15, 2022Reply

      search site…it’s already here.

  • FlashboyAugust 20, 2023Reply

    Can you add 1080p??

  • Paa willieFebruary 10, 2024Reply

    kindly add to mega

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