Oct. 26, 2015
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  • JlJuly 28, 2021Reply

    Please fix all episode resolution have a problem

  • JJuly 28, 2021Reply

    Did you fix it admin

    • TodaytvseriesJuly 28, 2021Reply

      this is not a problem

  • LeBronJuly 28, 2021Reply

    Please fix the all the episode

    • TodaytvseriesJuly 28, 2021Reply

      links are working so what should I fix?

      • LeBronJuly 29, 2021Reply

        The episode of Supergirl the resolution have a problem

        • Keenan Ronaldo BaileyJanuary 30, 2022Reply

          S5 Links are not working anymore

          • TodaytvseriesJanuary 30, 2022


      • KingsfordAugust 6, 2021Reply

        I think he is referring to seasons 3,5 and 6 because the are not playing after the download
        At first I thought he was not making sense but after facing similar situation I realized he was saying the truth
        Also please add the cinema version as well

        • TodaytvseriesAugust 6, 2021Reply

          The files are in .rar format which you need to extract to be able to play. You can use winrar application or similar one to extract the file.

      • KanApril 17, 2022Reply

        Can we get other links that aren’t for mega app

      • RenzSeptember 17, 2022Reply

        Season 3 is no episode 4 tang ina ka

        • TodaytvseriesSeptember 17, 2022Reply

          added 480p links

    • SyedMarch 7, 2022Reply

      Please add 480p resolution

  • MalcolmAugust 15, 2021Reply

    404 Error for Season 5 Supergirl Mr/Ms Admin, Idk ’bout the others but please fix? Thank you!

    • TodaytvseriesAugust 15, 2021Reply


      • MalcolmAugust 16, 2021Reply

        That fast? Thankss! Though some are still not working Mr/Ms Admin, Especially those that redirect in parsaspace, shows 404 error. (Season 5 Supergirl)

        • TodaytvseriesAugust 16, 2021Reply

          please let me know those that are still not working and i will fix them all

  • ElricoNovember 17, 2021Reply

    Admin work we appreciate everything you do for us …. I really wish all the series can be download so easy like supergirl really that would be Awesome

    • TodaytvseriesNovember 17, 2021Reply


  • MarkieNovember 28, 2021Reply

    Please check all episodes for Season 5 Supergirl, the downloading site Parsaspace storage cloud has 404 Error. Therefore, we can’t download any episodes from that season at all, please fix. Anyhow, Thank you for your hardwork.

    • TodaytvseriesNovember 28, 2021Reply


  • Gavo731January 8, 2022Reply

    Hello Mr/Mrs Admin, can you please fix Supergirl Season 5, Episode 6. Thank you for doing this and all the hard work that you do

    • TodaytvseriesJanuary 8, 2022Reply

      what’s the problem? link is working fine.

      • Gavo731January 8, 2022Reply

        The file will not play when I download it, as it says part of the file is missing. The file is only 14.2 MB in size

        • TodaytvseriesJanuary 8, 2022Reply


          • Gavo731January 8, 2022

            Thank you so much, Admin!

          • Gavo731January 9, 2022

            Also, the following episode links/video after download do not work…

            Supergirl S4: Episode 4, 6, 7, 10, and episodes 11 – 22

            Episodes 4, 6, 7, and 10 are the episodes that nor the link or video work and episodes 11 – 22 are the ones that the link doesn’t work

          • TodaytvseriesJanuary 9, 2022

            episode 11-22 fixed. the rest, the links are working fine. you need use mx media player on smartphones in order to play x265 files

          • Gavo731January 10, 2022

            I am still having trouble with Supergirl S4: Episode 4, 6, 7, 10, and 18

          • TodaytvseriesJanuary 11, 2022

            what is the problem? is it downloading or playing of the video?

  • Gavo731January 11, 2022Reply

    Those episodes – Supergirl S4: Episode 4, 11 and 12, will not download because it says the files are not complete

  • trevorJanuary 23, 2022Reply

    s3 ep 4 on mega 720

  • trevorFebruary 8, 2022Reply

    why did you remove s4 480p

  • Random PasserbyOctober 24, 2022Reply

    Please fix S5 Episode 6. The file is only 14 MB and I was unsuccessful in extracting it. Said, “File may be corrupt.”

    • TodaytvseriesOctober 24, 2022Reply


  • DavisJune 10, 2023Reply

    Hello links are disturbing… they’re taking me to a different page. Please fix

    • TodaytvseriesJune 10, 2023Reply


  • SimzJune 20, 2023Reply

    i tried downloading season 3 and the episodes arent downloading

    • TodaytvseriesJune 22, 2023Reply

      it’s working fine

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