The Boys

The Boys

Jul. 25, 2019
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A group of vigilantes known informally as “The Boys” set out to take down corrupt superheroes with no more than blue-collar grit and a willingness to fight dirty.

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(77) comments

  • WilliamMarch 5, 2022Reply

    Howzit….do u perhaps know if there will be a season 3

  • ssjJune 3, 2022Reply

    Season 3 is out. Please upload.

    • TodaytvseriesJune 3, 2022Reply


      • AdminJuly 13, 2022Reply


      • ChinglenJuly 15, 2022Reply

        Yo Admin I just want to thank you for everything

        • TodaytvseriesJuly 16, 2022Reply

          you’re welcome

      • JTSeptember 16, 2022Reply

        Season 3 episode 6 links not working

        • TodaytvseriesSeptember 16, 2022Reply

          fixed…thanks for reporting.

  • cgcolaJune 5, 2022Reply

    Please add
    Complete S3

    • TodaytvseriesJune 5, 2022Reply

      I share what is released

      • AdminJuly 13, 2022Reply


  • Jonathan MbuyambaJune 6, 2022Reply

    Please add the other episodes

    • TodaytvseriesJune 6, 2022Reply

      where is it…point me to those episodes and i will upload

      • bibekJuly 2, 2022Reply

        these guys dont know when ne wepisode will release and demanding upload all season lol

    • AdminJuly 13, 2022Reply


  • JesseJune 6, 2022Reply

    Look movie. io

    • TodaytvseriesJune 6, 2022Reply


      • AlexJune 7, 2022Reply

        Please add Gutterbee

      • SamJuly 15, 2022Reply

        Pls season two links not working

        • TodaytvseriesJuly 15, 2022Reply


  • KushanJune 9, 2022Reply

    Ep 4??????

    • TodaytvseriesJune 10, 2022Reply


  • KonshuoJune 13, 2022Reply

    all these links say the file doesnt exist

    • TodaytvseriesJune 14, 2022Reply

      which links? have you read how to download?

  • I live TodayTvSeriesJune 17, 2022Reply

    Episode 5??

    • TodaytvseriesJune 17, 2022Reply


  • Honey BhaiJune 17, 2022Reply

    Bro please add Zippy Share, Firefiles or Clicknupload links to Season 3 episode 5.

    • TodaytvseriesJune 17, 2022Reply


  • rasJune 17, 2022Reply

    episode five was a rar file and asking for a password to extract? wtf???

    • TodaytvseriesJune 17, 2022Reply

      pass: e3

  • AndrewJune 17, 2022Reply

    The rar file for S3E5 is password protected, what is the password?

    • TodaytvseriesJune 17, 2022Reply

      pass: e3

  • andrewJune 17, 2022Reply

    The episode 5 rar is password protected, what is the passsword

    • TodaytvseriesJune 17, 2022Reply

      pass: e3

  • VivekJune 17, 2022Reply

    What is Password for season 3 episode 5 ?

    • TodaytvseriesJune 17, 2022Reply


  • cgcolaJune 17, 2022Reply

    Rar files are encryped PLEASE tell me PASSWORD!

    • TodaytvseriesJune 18, 2022Reply

      password is there look well (e3)

  • kay MsiskaJune 20, 2022Reply

    what is the password for the zip folder downloaded through the mega link for episode 5?

    • TodaytvseriesJune 20, 2022Reply

      password: e3

  • Tony StankJune 25, 2022Reply

    When will the first 2 seasons be available in 1080p?

    • TodaytvseriesJune 25, 2022Reply


  • Kendy JaydyJune 25, 2022Reply

    I need Password for E6 RAR file

    • TodaytvseriesJune 26, 2022Reply

      file isn’t encrypted

  • SEELESH DASJune 26, 2022Reply

    The boys season 3 episode 6 ଦି file you are looking for does not exit 480p

    • TodaytvseriesJune 26, 2022Reply


  • LunarJune 30, 2022Reply

    Guys I’m trying to download season 3 now but all links are dead.

    • TodaytvseriesJune 30, 2022Reply

      read how to download

  • JordanJuly 1, 2022Reply

    Episode 7 please 😬🤗 also if you could, 2 broke girls, thank you 🙌

  • LunarJuly 1, 2022Reply

    Mega files were the best. All missing for seasom 3 (except episode 4) can u reupload it there

    • TodaytvseriesJuly 1, 2022Reply

      I know but even i I do, they will be deleted again. you can try the batch sorry

  • NoelJuly 3, 2022Reply

    Buddy, please, May you add Netflix’s marvel series with the intro of Disney plus?
    Can be that possible? And ty bro for everything you do, congrats from Central America

  • VianJuly 8, 2022Reply

    Episode 8, please. <3

  • Honey BhaiJuly 8, 2022Reply

    The Boys Season 3 episode 8 please upload. Today is Finale.

    • TodaytvseriesJuly 8, 2022Reply


      • CoxJuly 8, 2022Reply

        There is a problem worth investigating.. episodes don’t work on phones. They don’t even show on the video app

        • TodaytvseriesJuly 8, 2022Reply

          480p episodes are in .rar format which you need to extract..with winrar app

          • ZaeJuly 9, 2022

            Please add complete season 3 link because alot of old episode link have been deleted

          • TodaytvseriesJuly 9, 2022


  • NeoJuly 30, 2022Reply

    admin please help i have tried to download the ep but the links keep telling me that file does not exist

    • TodaytvseriesJuly 30, 2022Reply

      which episodes?

  • SilviaApril 26, 2023Reply

    Please fixs season 3 link.

    • TodaytvseriesApril 26, 2023Reply

      which season 3 link….have you read how to download from this site if not then you should.

  • Dahbei mi studApril 26, 2023Reply

    When i tried to download Season 3 [complete WEB 1080p × 264 ] on mega app, it say that the folder link have been removed.

    • TodaytvseriesApril 26, 2023Reply


  • SilviaApril 26, 2023Reply

    ‘folder link is unavailable ’ when i try to download Season 3 [Complete Web 1080p x 264].

    • TodaytvseriesApril 26, 2023Reply


  • AokoaozakibestgirlJune 25, 2023Reply

    Nevermind I tried different links and now they work

  • AokoaozakibestgirlJune 27, 2023Reply

    Season 2 episode 4 not working (when I try to watch it it says error but all other episodes are working fine

    • TodaytvseriesJune 29, 2023Reply

      try a different media player

  • RockyAugust 27, 2023Reply

    Seson 3 720p mega links are not working files are not there is coming can you please look into it. Can you add whole season 3 link to download At a time like other seasons

    • TodaytvseriesSeptember 2, 2023Reply

      please use other links

  • RockyAugust 28, 2023Reply

    can you add season 3 720p mega links for download pls

  • BigFishAugust 30, 2023Reply

    Hey Admin. Hope you doing great. The links for The Boys S2 (All episodes) seem to be lost or something. The links just redirect me to Internet Archive and on that page it says the ‘Item Not Available’..your feedback would be highly appreciated

    • TodaytvseriesAugust 31, 2023Reply


  • gimiDecember 10, 2023Reply

    season 3 links not working

    • TodaytvseriesDecember 22, 2023Reply

      it’s working fine…what is the problem?

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